A.R.Penck exhibition catalog
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Price:240 CNY

Publisher: Art & Collection Group

Printers: Taipei Dah Chen Printing Co., Ltd

Edition: First edition in October 2017

Size: 889mm x 1194mm 1/16

Print Sheets: 12.5

Quantity: 001-500


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In the cave of civilization, will sign become reality? A.R. Penck’s artistic creating process is a journey for exploration, he researched for and examined a system of signs and his own vocabulary of painting, which is a completely new form, combined with the characters of prehistorical cave paintings and modern scientific theories. This kind of abstract semiotic system could be seen as a labyrinth of metaphors, inviting the audience to discover the answer that the author seeks- What happens when we communicate and express ourselves? How will human history evolve?From A.R. Penck’s artworks, a new visual mythology was established, and a period of historical rupture was revealed.

This catalog includes A.R. Penck’s most representative artworks like sculptures, large-scale paintings, and installation art, showing the development of his artistic forms and his new thought of social ideology.