Member Benefits

Fosun Foundation × youlè Membership Card
Annual Fee 300RMB

Originating from Fosun C2M ecosystem, youlè is Fosun Group’s unique family membership system. Together with youlè, Fosun Foundation Shanghai aims to create a customized and exquisite consumer experience for clients, by accumulating points, consolidating rights, and encouraging the family as a whole.


Member benefits:


  • Unlimited free visits to all exhibitions at Fosun Foundation Shanghai
  • Invites to opening receptions at Fosun Foundation Shanghai
  • Discount on tickets for one of the friends come together
  • Fast Track


  • Priority reservations for lectures at CLOUD Salon, CLOUD Workshop, film screenings at CLOUD Screen, and performances at CLOUD Theater. Seats will also be held aside for members
  • Free entrance to membership only events and gatherings (no less than once per year)


  • Membership will grant exclusive gifts--limited-edition gifts sold at Fosun Foundation Shanghai
  • All products at the Fosun Foundation Shanghai gift shop will be subject to 10% discount (except certain products)
  • Items at all Fosun Foundation Shanghai CLOUD CAFÉ locations will be subject to 10% discount
  • Within the month of the member’s birthday, all made-to-order birthday cakes at CLOUD CAFÉ will be subject to 40% discount
  • Membership enjoy benefits of Fosun’s youlè Silver Membership Card:

       - Members can enjoy up to three free coached classes at Sino Taichi (free gongfu tea, snacks, fruits, and showers included). Members can also bring along a friend or family member, and will receive a 20% discount when purchasing membership cards
       - One free fitness experience class at Super Monkey (only limited to new Super Monkey guests)
       - When checking into Club Med, members will enjoy benefits such as free breakfasts, late checkouts...etc. For details please visit the Fosun travel app


* For more benefits and regulations, please visit youlè’s public wechat account; Fosun youlè and merchants reserve the rights to modify or revise any of its terms, articles and discounts, without the need for separate notifications. Fosun youlè reserves absolute discretionary power over issues surrounding its terms, articles, and discounts, and holds binding contract over all participants.

Fosun Foundation × youlè Membership Card

Annual Fee 200RMB